Hard Reset

There’s talk about striving for unity and healing once a new president is elected. Phrases like “Are you ready to make peace with Republicans?” and “It’s going to require bipartisanship‘!” are dangerously premature and elide the time for the contemplation necessary to avoid repeating our mistakes.

After all, multiple Republicans were re-elected, the same ones who voted to acquit during impeachment, the ones who refused to consider more funding for Covid relief, the ones who confirmed Barrett, the ones who allowed and encouraged the separation of families at the border, the ones who defended and ARE white supremacists.

At they very least, those people are negligent, and at the worst, they’re conspirators.

And they’re still in power.

The crisis in our country is not over by any measure.

rump is a symptom of this infection rampaging through our national biology, a boil on the ass of our humanity. Like a boil, he needs to be lanced and cauterized. And just like boils, he is only one sign of a larger systemic problem.

Once the boil is removed, the seeping wound needs time to heal. It is way too early to consider inviting the super-spreaders of this virus back in for a cozy chat.

It takes time to get well, to let the body return to non-inflamed status. Once that’s done, we can talk about whether we want to get back together with these abusers of public trust, the defilers of integrity and decency.

Once this election is finalized, our body politic needs a hard reset.

From the genius twitter account @ManWhoHasItAll , which takes phrases usually said of or about women and reframes them with male pronouns. SO GOOD.

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