Things I Have Learned in Portland


Things I have learned in Portland. (First in an occasional series.)

Most of the cool places that you want to go only accept cash. If it has a door that customers can walk through and a sign that isn’t written in permanent marker, they probably accept credit cards. But be armed with cash at all times just to be safe.

Art and sculpture are, literally, everywhere. Most of it is very accessible and has a sense of humor, and some of it even serves a useful purpose. It’s very cool.

If you want to burn calories fast, walk on hills and stairs. I haven’t done any dedicated exercise since I got here 3 weeks ago, but I do roughly 100 stairs a day and climb at least 100 feet in elevation on hills. And while I don’t have empirical evidence to support this assertion, I know I’ve lost weight. How? I hooked my belt on a tighter notch the other day — by accident. That hasn’t been possible before.

Stacked, apartment-sized washer/dryer units are marvelously convenient, but annoyingly small. Cut your regular load size to 1/3 of what it usually is.

Chairs, couches, and other sit-on-able things are vastly underappreciated. Go without one for 2 weeks, you’ll understand.

And lastly, you can find an Android app for nearly all the functions you perform on your full-sized computer — including posting articles to your WordPress blog!

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