Boxes of Dust

It no longer matters what my life would have been like with my parents' involvement. My "mistakes", in their eyes, comprised my life choices, and I'm where and who I am now because of those choices.


Tim and I are busily chatting on our personal webpage, sharing anecdotes about our coworkers and local elections and recipes. We sustain contact throughout the day, touching base whenever we have a moment. On days when I'm not working, he's my companion, only a few keystrokes away. He comes home late tonight, the first time... Continue Reading →


Woke in a tangle of sheets in darkness this morning, light blipping from my cell phone. My husband on the other end, from New York where he's currently working as a consultant, letting me know he was worried about me. Wanted to hear my voice. My head throbbed from a night of sobbing, but talking... Continue Reading →

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