Tim and I are busily chatting on our personal webpage, sharing anecdotes about our coworkers and local elections and recipes. We sustain contact throughout the day, touching base whenever we have a moment. On days when I'm not working, he's my companion, only a few keystrokes away. He comes home late tonight, the first time... Continue Reading →


Woke in a tangle of sheets in darkness this morning, light blipping from my cell phone. My husband on the other end, from New York where he's currently working as a consultant, letting me know he was worried about me. Wanted to hear my voice. My head throbbed from a night of sobbing, but talking... Continue Reading →

Labor Day Weekend

Remember all that stuff we packed? The POD full of 174 (THE HORROR!) carefully inventoried boxes that we set into a container three years ago? It's finally here. Well, not HERE, like, on my lap, but here, like, in Portland. So close I can almost smell the memories. Tomorrow, it will be here. Well, not... Continue Reading →


Today, I found out that two people I have met since I moved to Portland are leaving; two unrelated people, from different corners of my life. One is leaving to retire at the coast, one is leaving to build a career in another city. Both are dear to me, each expressing a "native Portland" personality... Continue Reading →

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