You Go, Glenn Coco

People warned me about moving to Portland. Some were concerned that I didn't know what I was getting myself into, that living in this city would change me in ways I didn't anticipate. Turns out they were right. Here are the things they warned me about. 1) Weather. "It rains so much! You'll never be... Continue Reading →

Portland Bingo

The people in our new home are warm, friendly, quirky and delightful. People think it's strange and bizarre, but the population has its own diverse personality. In other places, people do odd things as a means of getting attention, but here, it's just an expression of who they are. And that individual freedom is becoming... Continue Reading →

My Lego House

Long before the ginger songwriter penned the song¬†¬†that is only nominally about Lego, I was a Lego house maker. While my brothers built elaborate spaceships and vehicles, I was all about the home front: little rectangular structures with no roof, in which I obsessively arranged and rearranged tiny furniture. It was my only use for... Continue Reading →

Mental Shelf

Someone just referred to his "mental shelf", his ability to retrieve quickly information stored in his memory. The speed with which he provided the requested information stunned me, and made me examine my own mental faculties. To be fair, this guy is a PhD, and actively studies neuroscience. I suspect he reads a lot of... Continue Reading →

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