Looks Like We’re Moving

A lot has happened since I talked to you last! We had a significant move milestone in the form of a rather sizable delivery arriving in our driveway: the PODS mobile storage unit was plunked down on the 14th. It is now easily half full with the boxes Meg has packed as well as the... Continue Reading →

Crank Things Up

As I've mentioned, the move to this point has been largely planning: checklists, spreadsheets, reservations, and budgets. With the number of very important things going on for us this summer, we have tried to make sure each of them gets the attention they deserve. Most of what we've done thus far has been squeezed in... Continue Reading →

Towing Capacity

As you may well have assumed, the preparations for our move out west are in full swing. Or I guess, more accurately, the planning is in full swing. The preparations are largely in hurry-up-and-wait mode. Which makes sense. Meg can't pack a lot of what we're taking with us, she's still using it! She can't... Continue Reading →

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