Understanding Extroversion

My daughter was three years old when she got her first wheelchair. To that point, she had used a stroller provided by a wheelchair company, so NOT a regular stroller; it had appropriate therapeutic seating to encourage her ability to sit, and hydraulic wheels to absorb shocks, and a seat back that reclined completely for... Continue Reading →

While I’m Here

When I turned 40, I started picking up on the things people in my age-group were saying about the aging process. There was one post, I forget the exact wording, about if you find yourself on the floor, you start looking for all the other things to do while you're down there; clean up furballs,... Continue Reading →


My daughter graduates with her bachelor's degree next month. It's a little over a month away. She agreed to let me use my vast craft supplies to make graduation announcements, so I've been busily puttering away with colors that will make her happy. I've mentioned the upcoming date to coworkers and friends as we try... Continue Reading →

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