My dog Dudley deserves a day of recognition. For his loyalty, sweetness, constancy, his Frito-smelling toe-beans, the quietly derpy look on his face, and his endless neediness.

He’s older and slightly mellower, but still gets very excited every time I select my pants for the day. He knows on sight which pants are Adventure Pants, and knows which drawer they live in, so any gesture that direction garners his full attention.

Today, although I did not choose Adventure Pants, he was fully wound up for a day of fun. Perhaps my selection of a shirt I have worn on our adventures made him believe we were headed into the forest. Nothing I said changed his mind, and he army-crawled across the bed to entreat me not to leave him behind.

He scooted off the edge of the bed onto my lap, then stayed for a persuasive snuggle. Either he needed me today, or knew I needed him, but the full-frontal affection assault continued all day. Unfortunately for him, my only adventures were laundry/vacuuming/dishes, but he stayed by my side ready with emotional support.

His advice may not be great, and his experience is limited, but I could not ask for a better companion.

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