Seriously, people?

Final Fortnight Day 9

Well, here it is, folks. The first “oh my god, did someone really just say that?” argument I brought here to examine and anathematize.

I just found that word on Thesaurus, and I like it. I’ll be using it more. It means, essentially, to denounce. But isn’t it chewy and wonderful?

I witnessed a conversation on social media in which one person was talking about the tragic Covid19 path our country has been shunted down thanks to our rapacious leadership. Because they didn’t want to “shut everything down” and risk economic consequences for the people who CAN afford not to work, they pretended the virus isn’t deadly and convinced their followers that caution is equal to “living in fear.”

So here’s one of the doltish lambs following Dear Leader to slaughter. In response to nothing particular about masks or lock downs, this person said:

“I have not warn a mask ( sometimes I did) or stayed in my home. No corona anywhere. No flu anywhere apparently either. The medicine is killing it far quicker. Suicide on the rise if we lock down again even worse.”

Okay, um, WHAT?

So you haven’t worn a mask–but sometimes you did.

Corona virus Likes this | Make a Meme

You haven’t stayed in your home. (good for you?)

This is my favorite part.

“There is no corona anywhere.”

Dude, stop. I know you “haven’t stayed in your home” and so you MUST have experienced the entire world and all of its microscopic entities, but no. Because YOU haven’t “seen” corona (sic) doesn’t mean there IS NO corona (sic) anywhere.

I’m going to call it Covid from here on out. Corona. What the fuck, man.

Covid is all over this patient’s room.

Science Magazine says Coronavirus is here.
Dr. Brian Garibaldi, Johns Hopkins University Biocontainment Unit Director says coronavirus is here
How to Protect Older People From the Coronavirus - The New York Times
SMART 55: Survey to assess COVID-19 visiting restrictions for long-term  care homes – Williams Lake Tribune
Relatives of Nursing Home Residents Are Angry Amid COVID-19 | Time
These people all seem to recognize covid is here.

“No flu anywhere apparently either.”

Honey, do you have microscopes for eyes?

“The medicine is killing it far quicker.” WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS MEAN?

“The medicine”—WHAT MEDICINE?

“Is killing it” —BUT THERE IS NO CORONA so what’s it killing?



than WHAT?

“Suicide on the rise if we lock down again even worse.”


I’m going to go out on a limb and say you don’t give two shits about people feeling like killing THEMSELVES when you don’t give two shits about a VIRUS killing people.

I get it. We all feel disconnected. It’s HARD to live in a pandemic. But pretending it doesn’t exist and trying this hard to convince other people it’s not that bad is fucking dangerous.

It’s not just YOU risking illness. It’s not JUST your neighbors. You’re putting all the healthcare workers in your area at risk. You leaving your home and not wearing a mask risks everyone you are in contact with PLUS the medical professionals who inevitably have to deal with you AND with them.

And those medical professionals’ FAMILIES.

And the healthcare workers who have to take care of the medical professionals’ families.

Don’t you get it? What part of “spreading like a virus” is hard for you to understand?

Jesus. If your ignorance were simply hurting you, I’d laugh and walk away. Dudes who try to ride skateboards while they’re wearing roller blades on top of a BMX bike are gonna hurt themselves. The hospital workers who help them with their severed femoral artery aren’t likely to CATCH “severed femoral artery” from that roller/skate/bike idiot.

But you? Those gross, tiny, highly virulent little bugs that have clearly attached themselves to your mucosa are absolutely contagious.

But not quite as contagious as your stupidity.

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