A Little Hope

Final Fortnight Day 4

Despite the best efforts of the Republican party, early voting is smashing all records.

The battle against voting rights is another facet of conservatism that I have never understood. They can say it’s about fraud, but the data does not support that claim. And if it were truly about wanting to protect the vote, where is their effort to make the vote more safe? Where is the legislation to create a system that expands the voting in the most efficient, impregnable mechanism possible?

Instead what they have done is put up roadblocks and obstacles that prevent people from voting. That’s where they put their efforts.

Seriously, why is anybody conservative anymore? Who wants associate with this behavior?

Early Voting Surpasses 25% Of Total 2016 Turnout As Surge Continues
Early voting surpasses 25% of total 2016 turnout, according to Forbes

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