Call to Account

Final Fortnight Day 3

Something that gets lost in conversations about this dumpster fire administration is this most important fact: any U.S. president and their administration work FOR the people of the United States.

So when people start mouthing off about how POTUS “says what’s on his mind!” or he’s just “being who he is!” I want to pull them up by the short hairs and scream in their faces.

This guy WORKS FOR ME. I am technically his boss. He is supposed to act ON BEHALF OF the American people. That’s his JOB.

So the shit he says isn’t simply offensive, like some overgrown frat guy who can’t hold his liquor. He’s saying this stuff in the course of his JOB. As my employee. This guy *works* for ME. For my family. For my neighbors.

For my city. For the *entire* country, not just the “Republican” states, or the parts of the country he’s not afraid of.

Do you know any employer who hires somebody and lets them do and say whatever they want on company time? This guy is on company time every second of the day. That’s his whole job. That’s why it’s the hardest job in the world; the demands are extreme.

How would your boss react if you got on TV–while you were at work–and said some of the things he has said? This guy has never faced a consequence in his life — and certainly not for the last four years.

A brief glance at the most recent list of outrageous things he’s said makes me sick to my stomach and a little dizzy. And then there’s the corruption. The tax evasion. The crimes against humanity–children stolen from their parents for the sin of crossing a border. The Muslim ban.

At the very least, a decent employer would drag his ass into the manager’s office and ask them to explain themselves. They would be called to account for their behavior. They would face consequences for violating the terms of their employment.

So yeah. I want him fired. I want the entire administration brought to account for what they have done. This isn’t a matter of disagreement, or “not liking” Republican policy. Hell, I sat through both Bush administrations and I didn’t have major complaints until Bush II fucked up Katrina. For a second I agreed with Kanye: Bush didn’t care about Black people.

Turns out our entire country was fucked up on that front, and here we are with this asshole in the Oval.

And don’t get me started on the people who support him. And the ones who sit by and say nothing? They are equally culpable, particularly the ones who call themselves Christians.

Am I gleeful over the Democratic candidate? No. I am disgusted that another old white guy got the nod, with so many other good choices available. Joe seems nice, and he’ll do a fine job.

But mostly, what he’ll do is be accountable for his actions. He is a lifelong public servant, words that actually mean something to him. He serves the PUBLIC. He knows that he works for the people he represents–all of them, even the ones who didn’t vote for him.

Biden won’t be perfect–and I can think of 3-4 policy issues on which I wholeheartedly disagree with him–but mostly I hope for a president and administration who will actually be accountable to me, to my neighbors.

It’s OUR country, goddamnit, not that jackass’. It’s not his military, his Attorney General, his SCOTUS, his EPA–it’s OURS.

Let’s hold him accountable.

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