To Thine Own Self

My whole life, I’ve been told “you’re too hard on yourself”, but that message never made sense to me until I heard the phrase “be gentle with yourself.”

What an interesting word, “yourself.” The self belonging to you, like two separate entities. Part of the triumverate, the Son and the Holy Ghost. My “self” is something I am responsible for, something I need to care for, actively take steps to protect and nurture.

Be gentle with yourself. Treat your SELF, that separate entity, with care. Don’t allow anyone access to that self who has a history of causing you pain, or treats you badly. The self is the thing you are protecting, the tender center of sweetness.

You might have a hard shell, but your SELF is vulnerable.

When you break the word up, it makes sense.

Know your SELF.

Be true to your SELF.

Take care of your SELF.

Don’t be so hard on your SELF.

Be gentle with your SELF.

That, I think, I can do.


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