Every year, on my birthday, I wake up feeling like this.

one of my favorite scenes in the history of movies.

I want to wander into the mountains in a really ugly dress and sing at the top of my lungs. This would be my ideal celebration. And when I start thinking about this scene, I remember that its originator, Julie Andrews, shares my birthday. It’s my own personal “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” train of thought. It’s like that in my brain all the time.

Once I’ve started down the “shares my birthday” path, I remember other, slightly more luminary October 1 birthday people, like this guy. My parents absolutely hated him, but as an adult, I’ve grown to see the value in his gentle, peacemaking nature.

I am honored to share a birthday with this man.

This is Vladimir Horowitz, my all-time favorite pianist. His touch is so light and definite, still powerful enough to handle Rachmaninoff, but again, he brings a gentle, deft tone to everything he plays. Played.

and with this man (Vladimir Horowitz)

And who can forget Walter Matthau? It used to bother me that all of the people (sans Ms. Andrews) who shared my birthday were ugly old men. But what a sense of humor they all have!

Walter Matthau. Handsome he was not.

Zach Galifinakis stole my heart in The Hangover. He’s so dear and sweet, a little doltish, but so unaffected and kind. I loved that about his character. And his comedy is really intelligent. Sublime. It takes me by surprise.

Mr. Galifinakis still hasn’t returned my swimsuit from this photo shoot. Darn him.

And then last hockey season, I found out that Johnny Oduya, defenceman for the Blackhawks, also shares my birthday. Finally, a good looking man born October 1. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that. Him. Hold on, I’m distracted by this gif.

gratuitous male nudity. You’re welcome.

This guy, Christopher Plummer, isn’t an October 1 birthday, but he’s SO like my Tim, especially in the way he responds to my frivolity. He endures it suspiciously.

oh Captain. Much like My Captain.

And here’s another look at a really, really good looking October 1 birthday.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm look at that, um, bread.

I love the underlying theme of the people born October 1. They’re smart, talented, and–above all-gentle people. Not a cruel person among them. I like that.

For my birthday, I wish everyone a happy Tuesday. It’s also my favorite day of the week, because I was born on a Tuesday, and what’s better than that? So have a HAPPY day, even if you’re only doing it for me.

This is my song of the day, courtesy of my Sophia.

Happy Tuesday October 1 to every one of you!

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