Midnight Mass

I remember the year I was old enough to go to Midnight Mass. My uncle was in town for Christmas, and he took me -- just me, no siblings -- to the darkest, most mysterious Mass of the whole year. I was probably 10, the youngest of five, and all of my siblings were now... Continue Reading →

Fat and Happy

I had to ask for a seatbelt extender on a recent flight. This is new for me, a product of menopause hitting all the right places and a slow recovery from a knee injury. And, you know, I like food. I was flying to a wedding, old family friends I haven't seen for years. I... Continue Reading →

Next Chapter-Eve

I'm more excited today than I was the day of my wedding. Sure, wedding days are stressful. I walked through that day focused on setup and my kids and trying to stay warm at an outdoor wedding in April in Chicago, wearing sleeveless dress over long underwear bottoms. There's the inevitable anxiety over family and... Continue Reading →

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