My sister comes to visit in two days. I can hardly sleep, I'm so excited. So many ideas of things to do, things I want to show her, things I want to talk about. When I drive around the city, I see all the places I want to show her, all the hidden corners I've... Continue Reading →

Leoda’s Jam

Every day, we went to The Sands restaurant in town, where she was friendly with the owners Oli and his wife, and we ate grilled cheese sandwiches and I played PacMan. We went to farmer's markets and thrift stores, the vinyl seats of her enormous white car hot on the backs of my legs. 

My Home

I'm from a big city. While I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, my mother was a native Chicagoan and a city girl, and my father worked downtown most of his life. I frequently went with him into the city for special events, and later took my children on day trips. I was comfortable getting... Continue Reading →


Hey, there you are. Come keep me company while I wait to leave for the airport. Tim's flying in tonight, arriving after 10, so I need to do something while I'm waiting. He's coming for our joint birthday celebration, the midway point between my birthday (10/1) and his (10/30). We've been celebrating this way for... Continue Reading →

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