Reader’s Digest Version

Trying to explain our lives to you would exceed the data limits on this blog, and you’d never believe it all if we told you. But there are certain basics that you should probably be aware of. So here’s the Reader’s Digest version.

Meg and I met on the first day of freshman year, in Mme. DeVoss’ French class. We dated in our sophomore year, then broke up, then dated again in our junior year, then broke up. Then we went off and went to college, got married to other people, had kids, got divorced from those people, then found each other again, and got married. We’re coming up on our tenth anniversary this April; but we’ve known each other since we were 13.

We have a mini-Brady Bunch of kids: Matt (21) and Sophia (17) from Meg’s first marriage; and Thomas (16) from mine. Matt is off at school in Lansing, Michigan, Sophia and Thomas both live with us and attend the same high school — the same one where Meg and I met.

Meg and I both work; she’s an editor/proofer for a marketing company near where we live, I’m a computer programmer/consultant. And it’s my work circumstances that are the main reason we’re as confident as we are that this transition will be financially possible.

My company is based out of Florida, and they send me where I’m needed. Whether the job is in Maine or Missouri or Michigan, I fly where they’re expecting me. Where I’m flying from really isn’t of any consequence. So as long as I still have this job, I’ll be able to move from Chicago to Colorado without missing a beat — or a paycheck.

The other big part of our decision has to do with age. Meg and I were both young parents. We weren’t able to spend our time having fun in our 20’s, we were changing diapers and attending parent/teacher conferences. But there’s an upside to that equation. The younger you are when your kids are born, the younger you are when they leave! When we finish hanging the last of our youngest boy’s grind-core posters in his dorm room, Meg and I will be just 44 years old.

Now, as confident as we may sound about this transition, we’re actually both more than a little freaked out. The idea of chucking everything and moving 1000 miles away is bizarre. Saying goodbye to the town we’ve lived in for more than half our lives will not be easy either. I anticipate you’ll see some of those doubts creep out on these pages over the coming months. Just thinking about the move gives us both shudders of anticipation and fear.

In the mean time, there is a lot going on with us, and I mean a lot. Staying one step ahead of the stuff going on with our gang is often like trying to fly a kite in a tornado. Sometimes the complicating factors in our lives will bleed over onto these posts; we’ll try to keep things as simple as possible, but with us things are rarely simple.

So settle in, buckle up, and we hope you enjoy sharing this adventure with us.

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