Hey, there you are. Come keep me company while I wait to leave for the airport. Tim's flying in tonight, arriving after 10, so I need to do something while I'm waiting. He's coming for our joint birthday celebration, the midway point between my birthday (10/1) and his (10/30). We've been celebrating this way for... Continue Reading →

They All Laughed

Tim and I have an anniversary coming up. It's not one of the big milestones, but as we were calculating the years we've been married and the years we've been together as a couple, we realized we've been together almost 20 years. Okay, so we're four years short of 20 years. But I was hit... Continue Reading →

Together Whatever

Tim and I are sick. Typically, we get sick separately, usually with him having symptoms and me following him around with a can of Lysol to ensure he doesn't get me sick. I quarantine him as much as possible, entreating him to cover his damned mouth when he coughs, washing dishes and bedding immediately after... Continue Reading →

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