How Does God’s Love Abide In Him?

*trigger warning.* Hey, Christian friends? Yeah, you. The people I've known since I was a teenager. The ones who introduced me to Jesus at those Catholic youth group meetings every Sunday night. The ones who showed me that it's okay interact with God without the presence of a priest. The ones who entreated me to... Continue Reading →

For my Children

I hate Mother's Day. I know my children love me, and it's nice of them to take the time to let me know, but I loathe this day as the pre-ordained time to do it. It's so forced, so Plasticine a celebration that I can't accept the sentiment. When my kids were younger, and I... Continue Reading →

They All Laughed

Tim and I have an anniversary coming up. It's not one of the big milestones, but as we were calculating the years we've been married and the years we've been together as a couple, we realized we've been together almost 20 years. Okay, so we're four years short of 20 years. But I was hit... Continue Reading →


Tim likes to tell people we were high school sweethearts. Technically, it's true. We dated in high school. He was my first love. But for me, "sweethearts" denotes something we weren't; a long-term couple devoted to each other, their relationship spanning several years, unmarred by ugly breakups. There were two couples who dated at the... Continue Reading →

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