America is experiencing a reckoning. The filming of police brutality has exposed truths Black people have known for hundreds of years; our society was built upon maintaining white supremacy. In big ways and small, our behaviors as a culture protect the property,health, wealth, safety and feelings of white people through the process of diminishing and... Continue Reading →

Country Music

Growing up in suburban Chicago, I didn't listen to country music. It was either my father's symphonic music on WFMT, or my mother's bobby-soxer/50s crooners, or local pop radio on the radio in my room. Occasionally, we'd click past HeeHaw on TV, but we never stayed to watch. I learned early that that wasn't *our*... Continue Reading →


I'm married to an immigrant. Until recently, I never saw it in those terms. I mean, Tim's from Canada. He came here when he was 12. I don't think in terms of him having emigrated from Canada, he just got in a station wagon with his mom and siblings and drove across the border into... Continue Reading →

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