Boxes of Dust

It no longer matters what my life would have been like with my parents' involvement. My "mistakes", in their eyes, comprised my life choices, and I'm where and who I am now because of those choices.

Rigged to Benefit Mediocrity

People like Kushner and Barrett have gotten where they are because the system that's in place rewards their specific mediocrity; white, inherited wealth, actively participating in the oppression of non-white, non-male people trying to rise through the system that was solely designed to crush them


I took a class on Whitman, Dickinson, Keats and Longfellow in college. It was team-taught by two department stars, Dr. Kiefer and Rodney Jones, one a natty dresser with a gorgeous head of curly hair, the other an acclaimed poet, a stereotypical professor in appearance, wry sense of humor and laconic delivery. While I vividly... Continue Reading →


Here's an old blog from a couple of years ago. My son has been driving himself and my daughter to school. He parks in the spot that was reserved for my daughter's use starting freshman year, the handicapped spot designated "No Parking" by the school so it wouldn't be filled with other legally (or illegally)... Continue Reading →

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