Irish Eyes

A woman representing an Irish cultural organization told me yesterday that I have Irish eyes. I thanked her, because these are my mother's eyes, the clear blue, arrestingly wide eyes framed by tilted eyebrows suggesting sorrow even as the irises twinkle with laughter. It is the one visible trait I received from my mother. More... Continue Reading →

To Thine Own Self

My whole life, I've been told "you're too hard on yourself", but that message never made sense to me until I heard the phrase "be gentle with yourself." What an interesting word, "yourself." The self belonging to you, like two separate entities. Part of the triumverate, the Son and the Holy Ghost. My "self" is... Continue Reading →

Whistle While you Work

Perhaps the biggest lesson so far from living alone is my shifting attitude about housework. Raising the kids, I resented the endless cleaning, the thanklessness of the repetition, the demeaning scullery-maid position into which I was forced. If I wasn't the person responsible for cleaning something, I was responsible for telling someone else to clean... Continue Reading →

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