Safe as Churches

But the discouraging reality of Church and church has spread its roots throughout my foundational understanding of the world. The last four years has been my undoing, an unraveling of my belief in people of faith altogether.

Country Music

Growing up in suburban Chicago, I didn't listen to country music. It was either my father's symphonic music on WFMT, or my mother's bobby-soxer/50s crooners, or local pop radio on the radio in my room. Occasionally, we'd click past HeeHaw on TV, but we never stayed to watch. I learned early that that wasn't *our*... Continue Reading →

Dear White Trash

Your ignorance coupled with your hatred has created a monster that shits and pukes on everything in its path, and the rest of the world -- the world that has chosen to learn and grow and listen to people who don't look like us -- are sick of cleaning up your mess.


I'm married to an immigrant. Until recently, I never saw it in those terms. I mean, Tim's from Canada. He came here when he was 12. I don't think in terms of him having emigrated from Canada, he just got in a station wagon with his mom and siblings and drove across the border into... Continue Reading →

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