I'm married to an immigrant. Until recently, I never saw it in those terms. I mean, Tim's from Canada. He came here when he was 12. I don't think in terms of him having emigrated from Canada, he just got in a station wagon with his mom and siblings and drove across the border into... Continue Reading →

Ode to Joy

  Since the election, my mood has trended downward, unable to lift higher than "okay", just enough to get out of bed in the morning. A pall was cast on the world that night, and I can't find a way to poke through to let light in. Tim coming home at Thanksgiving helped, and having... Continue Reading →


Like almost everybody I know, I've been struggling since the election. Well beyond "my side lost", the weight of what happened that night has been nearly impossible to carry. It almost buried me that night; horror, despair, anger, disgust, the view that this cataclysmic event launched us into a new, terrifying epoch. As I'd been... Continue Reading →


Woke in a tangle of sheets in darkness this morning, light blipping from my cell phone. My husband on the other end, from New York where he's currently working as a consultant, letting me know he was worried about me. Wanted to hear my voice. My head throbbed from a night of sobbing, but talking... Continue Reading →

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