I don't generally wear necklaces that rest near my collarbone, but I recently bought one that was so pretty I couldn't resist. It follows the curve of the hollow of my throat, just low enough to keep me from feeling constricted. I've added extenders to it, but I'm still not completely comfortable in it; I'm... Continue Reading →

A Longer Table

I have a friend who's feeling all kinds of left out tonight. She was part of a group of people that fractured because of a personality clash, and half the group took one side, half took the other. This is rather the story of the world, isn't it? My friend was left pretty wounded from... Continue Reading →

Ode to Joy

  Since the election, my mood has trended downward, unable to lift higher than "okay", just enough to get out of bed in the morning. A pall was cast on the world that night, and I can't find a way to poke through to let light in. Tim coming home at Thanksgiving helped, and having... Continue Reading →


Like almost everybody I know, I've been struggling since the election. Well beyond "my side lost", the weight of what happened that night has been nearly impossible to carry. It almost buried me that night; horror, despair, anger, disgust, the view that this cataclysmic event launched us into a new, terrifying epoch. As I'd been... Continue Reading →

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