Final Fortnight

Pulitzer-prize winning author and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner David McCollough said “Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.”

The last eight months has stimulated a lot of thinking, and afforded many quiet hours in which to consider those thoughts. As the election approaches, and the conversation online turns increasingly vicious, the clarity of my thoughts sharpens.

Instead of casting about on social media for a place to share those thoughts, and becoming frustrated at the recalcitrant intellects who argue that the sky isn’t actually blue, for the last two weeks of this hellacious election season I will be putting those thoughts here.

Starting Tuesday, I’ll be writing a daily arrangement of thoughts. They may come from the day’s national events, or from some godforsaken conversation on social media. I will no longer engage in those conversations, because they suck the goodwill right out of me. What you’ll find in place of those abysmal discussions is my well-considered, researched opinions shared in the clearest writing I can summon.

The subjects will largely be current events, and may veer into cultural/societal issues (white supremacy, ableism, patriarchy) with which current events overlap. But they will be un-careful, with no thought to those I might offend. This is my page, my space for my beliefs and my words. Without filter or remorse.

This is my attempt at protecting my peace of mind. All signs point to increasingly angry and ignorant arguments over the next 16 days, and my intellectual energy is better spent elucidating my positions than trying to convince Mike in Michigan that his Dear Leader is a racist pig who deserves to be imprisoned for the rest of his life.

If you’re with me, gather your snacks and lots of water, and a sturdy grip on reality. Welcome to the Final Fortnight hunker down.

Ready to hunker down

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  1. I back the rationale! Are you looking for engagement and discussion, finger snaps, scoobie snacks, or what?

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