Quick Question

So…ever since I moved out here, I’ve been wondering if Portland is really that different, or if I just moved here at the same time fashions changed radically all over the place. I mean, I heard about the beard trend, and I hear floppy hats are a thing, but Portland seems to embrace trends whole hog, no half-measures here.

Yeah, we’ve got tattoos and piercings…but look at the clothing in these pictures. This is pretty standard for what I see every day.


Back in St. Charles, do you see people dressed like this? Other places?

I see a kilt every day, even in 100 degree weather. Until I moved out here, I only saw kilts worn ironically, or as part of a wedding ceremony, or in the movies. Or as a costume in a wedding ceremony in the movies.

I am really curious about this. Anyone?

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