Poor Tim

Sometimes, funny things happen that are too long for Twitter (obviously) and I just don’t want to put them on Facebook.

Really, Facebook is pissing me off right now, so I’m not talking to Facebook.

Teeny tiny blog posts are my solution.

Tim and I are renegotiating our roles in marriage based on changing needs in our life. We don’t need a Chief Disciplinarian anymore, for instance. Or the chore scheduler.

But things need to change. It’s time. To Tim, I pointed out, “If something should happen to you, I’d be screwed in paying the bills. I’d figure it out, sure, but…”

To which Tim said, “Right! And if something should happen to you, the keeper of the recipes…I’d…starve.”

I guess he does have it worse.


One thought on “Poor Tim

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  1. Yes, we are in the same situation, but with a whole slew of rental properties. I’m so screwed. He can always eat out!

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