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My dreams of chilling in my daughter’s dorm room and watching Gilmore Girls were dashed by the constant parade of friends and classmates in and out of her room. So far today, there have been eight visitors to this 12X13 room, some of whom have stayed and studied (kind of) and eaten meals and told jokes and discussed feminism and philosophy and Portuguese and played finger chess (or the math game, there’s some debate over what it’s called). It’s midterm time, so there’s much bellyaching about papers being due and two hour math exams.

Everyone has come this way to check on Sophia, but this is apparently what it’s like  all the time. The fractured ribs are an excuse to move the party to Sophia’s room.

When I arrived this morning, she was in a lot of pain. She hadn’t yet had any pain meds because she wasn’t able to sit up on her own. I ace-wrapped her ribs, which helped her pain. After a painful trip to the bathroom, she got laid back down on her bed and waited for the ibuprofen to kick in. About an hour later, she was sitting up fairly straight, though it still hurts when she laughs.

Parking on campus is a bit of a problem, not surprisingly. During the daytime, I can park right outside her dorm in the accessible spot, as long as I have her state-issued parking placard. At night, I have to park at a distant lot, and employ a university-issued parking pass. I had to go to the parking division and get the pass, but the placard was another issue.

Some months ago, she lost her placard, and after tossing her belongings to make sure it wasn’t hiding under a box of Cheez-Its, I decided we’d just replace it.

Just a note: do *not* lose your parking placard. Replacing it is a pain the ass, and parking monitors are not super enthusiastic about handwritten notes taped to the window.

Thanks to the convenience of the Internet, she downloaded the necessary form, signed it, and off I went to the DMV. Fortunately, this DMV was not the fifth circle of hell. I was in and out in 10 minutes, and there was a huge line. Kudos to Oregon DMV for streamlining this process. Card in hand, I returned to the dorm for my promised Gilmore Girls binge.

The room is now occupied by a Brazilian and another Filipino, and the discussions of the moment are centered on the development of language and culture. I was just interrupted by a discussion about American politics as compared to Brazilian. My head’s a little all over the place right now with the variety of subjects floating around.

She was initially thinking of coming home after her appointment tomorrow, but she’s feeling so much better now, she may stay here. We’ll see tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to sharing a twin bed with a tiny fractured college student.

I wonder if we’ll get any sleep.

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