"If I thought she'd get the story right, I would have told her everything." I found that line on a piece of paper in a random box I was cleaning out, and I'm not sure if I wrote it or someone else did. It resonates for me now, alongside the phrase "if they'll talk with... Continue Reading →

Bud Vase

Packing is interrupted by the discovery -- once again -- of things from my life, or my kids' lives. We've only lived in this location five years, and our belongings are dotted with pieces of history. This vase was given to me when one of my children was born. The doctor who delivered my babies... Continue Reading →


It must be clear by now that my ideas about how something is going to go before it happens rarely align with how it actually goes. Maybe someday I'll realize that myself. Tim wanted to watch Interstellar this weekend. He's a space-movie fan, someone who watches 2001 Space Odyssey every time it's on. When he... Continue Reading →

Superiority Complex

I saw this the other day. The phrase "like a girl" has influenced my thinking since I was young. With three older brothers, I've had cause to think about what it means to do anything "like a girl", and to consider why gender has been ascribed to activity, and why one gender is judged to... Continue Reading →

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