Ode to Joy

  Since the election, my mood has trended downward, unable to lift higher than "okay", just enough to get out of bed in the morning. A pall was cast on the world that night, and I can't find a way to poke through to let light in. Tim coming home at Thanksgiving helped, and having... Continue Reading →

Where’s Christie?

A couple of friends of mine are at the Billy Joel concert at Wrigley Field tonight. One of them posted an update saying they happened to be sitting behind the dumbest audience member in the place, someone who tried to join in the revelry by lighting up her phone's flashlight and holding the device above... Continue Reading →

Taking Flight

To take flight. It's the goal of many of our endeavors. To master a skill or talent or job so that when we do it, we soar, effortless and powerful, self-sufficient, peerless. Good musicians achieve this occasionally. Great ones do it regularly. Michael Jordan did it, and Wayne Gretzky. Swimmer Maritza McClendon just did it.... Continue Reading →

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