Stop in Nevada

It's looking more and more like I will be taking a trip to Chicago in September. There's a wedding on Tim's side, and this will probably be my only excuse to go to the Midwest for many years. I am conflicted about going. I won't be attending the wedding, as it will be attended by... Continue Reading →

Band Wagon

All hockey season long, I've been trying to recruit fans to NHL hockey. Whenever a friend expresses boredom, or is fed up with the politics in their favorite sport, or fed up with the paucity of winning games among the professional teams in their city (mostly Chicago), I suggest they try watching hockey. For 82... Continue Reading →

I’m a Bitch

My mom was quite a looker. Not just the run-of-the-mill pleasant-looking woman in the 50s, but a tiny, blazing-blue-eyed fiery redhead who made her own perfectly fitted suits (no pants for that lady, strictly skirts) and wore 4" spectator pumps to work in the city every day. She worked at the Daily News, one of... Continue Reading →

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