My dog Dudley deserves a day of recognition. For his loyalty, sweetness, constancy, his Frito-smelling toe-beans, the quietly derpy look on his face, and his endless neediness. He's older and slightly mellower, but still gets very excited every time I select my pants for the day. He knows on sight which pants are Adventure Pants,... Continue Reading →

Boxes of Dust

It no longer matters what my life would have been like with my parents' involvement. My "mistakes", in their eyes, comprised my life choices, and I'm where and who I am now because of those choices.

My Magic 8 Buddha

Yesterday was Madeleine L'Engle's birthday. Her work was formative for me as a young girl, first as a reader (her most famous main character's name is Meg, after all), and then as a writer. My first short story when I was young was about time travel. Her characters and storylines gave me hope. She wrote... Continue Reading →

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