America is experiencing a reckoning. The filming of police brutality has exposed truths Black people have known for hundreds of years; our society was built upon maintaining white supremacy. In big ways and small, our behaviors as a culture protect the property,health, wealth, safety and feelings of white people through the process of diminishing and... Continue Reading →

While I’m Here

When I turned 40, I started picking up on the things people in my age-group were saying about the aging process. There was one post, I forget the exact wording, about if you find yourself on the floor, you start looking for all the other things to do while you're down there; clean up furballs,... Continue Reading →


Here's an old blog from a couple of years ago. My son has been driving himself and my daughter to school. He parks in the spot that was reserved for my daughter's use starting freshman year, the handicapped spot designated "No Parking" by the school so it wouldn't be filled with other legally (or illegally)... Continue Reading →

My Home

I'm from a big city. While I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, my mother was a native Chicagoan and a city girl, and my father worked downtown most of his life. I frequently went with him into the city for special events, and later took my children on day trips. I was comfortable getting... Continue Reading →

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