Rigged to Benefit Mediocrity

People like Kushner and Barrett have gotten where they are because the system that's in place rewards their specific mediocrity; white, inherited wealth, actively participating in the oppression of non-white, non-male people trying to rise through the system that was solely designed to crush them


America is experiencing a reckoning. The filming of police brutality has exposed truths Black people have known for hundreds of years; our society was built upon maintaining white supremacy. In big ways and small, our behaviors as a culture protect the property,health, wealth, safety and feelings of white people through the process of diminishing and... Continue Reading →

Country Music

Growing up in suburban Chicago, I didn't listen to country music. It was either my father's symphonic music on WFMT, or my mother's bobby-soxer/50s crooners, or local pop radio on the radio in my room. Occasionally, we'd click past HeeHaw on TV, but we never stayed to watch. I learned early that that wasn't *our*... Continue Reading →

Counting on You

Yesterday's vote to approve the ACHA lingers like nausea. Two hundred seventeen people┬ávoted in favor of a bill that blatantly and viciously hurts people, takes insurance coverage away from the people who need it the most, and will return our country to the days of commonplace medical bankruptcies, homelessness and death caused by conditions that... Continue Reading →


I'm married to an immigrant. Until recently, I never saw it in those terms. I mean, Tim's from Canada. He came here when he was 12. I don't think in terms of him having emigrated from Canada, he just got in a station wagon with his mom and siblings and drove across the border into... Continue Reading →

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