Safe as Churches

But the discouraging reality of Church and church has spread its roots throughout my foundational understanding of the world. The last four years has been my undoing, an unraveling of my belief in people of faith altogether.

White Pants

I bought white pants for the first time in my life. The last time I could safely wear white pants, I was 10 years old, and wasn't in a position to buy my own clothes. Now, forty years of periods later, I am finished with the threat of ruining a pair of pants with surprise... Continue Reading →


I'm wearing a baseball cap today. I have to adjust the brim while I'm driving, because I feel like my vision's obstructed, even though it probably isn't. It's just a habit. Wearing a baseball cap reminds me of my oldest brother (I have three.) He's probably on my mind anyway because I spent time with... Continue Reading →

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